Senior Advocate Services

Comprehensive Assessment

This is Sentinel’s complete medical assessment of your loved one. It is very intense and involves not only a comprehensive interview by an RN with the patient but also review of the patient’s medical records (i.e. staff meeting notes, medications, physician notes, etc.). This is Sentinel’s BEST review and MOST INVOLVED. The written report you receive will encompass physical and mental status as well as assessment of living arrangements and accommodations. Looking for Answers The report is written in lay terms making it easy to understand and interpret. If you have questions about your loved one’s overall health and well being – Sentinel provides answers.

Basic Assessment

Sentinel basic assessment also involves a comprehensive interview by an RN with the patient. Assessment is made regarding mental and physical status and overall general health. Of course any assessment would not be complete without a review of the living conditions and social interaction while in the facility. The written report you receive will give you a better understanding as to your loved one’s present health and mental capacity.

On-going Monthly Review

After a Comprehensive or Basic Assessment, Sentinel highly recommends periodic (typically monthly) reassessment. Since an initial review may uncover issues, Sentinel’s RN will return and focus on such items to see if any changes have occurred. A written follow up report will be generated summarizing any and all new details. This constant review process also allows you to stay up to date with your loved one’s needs.

Scheduled Visitation

Sentinel realizes how busy you are and how difficult it is to schedule a visit with a loved one while they are confined in a nursing home. Sometimes it is simply impossible to find the time. The solution - enlist one of Sentinel’s caringHand Holding professional staff members to periodically visit. There is no limit as to the number of visits you can request but it is recommended that a set schedule be established so your loved one becomes accustomed to the staff member and can look forward to a certain time and day. Sentinel makes every effort to select “just the right” staff member to meet and visit with your loved one.

One Time Visitation

Do you have a vacation coming up? Do you know you’re going to be busy with work or activities during a specific week or two? Have you been unexpectedly called away on business? This is when Sentinel’s One Time Visitation is ideal. A professional staff member will visit your loved one in your absence. Our caring and supportive staff will take as long as you specify (1 hour increments) to make sure your loved one is visited and interacts while you can not. We also encourage our clients to communicate their needs with us. If your loved one enjoys being read to or playing card games please let us know. Sentinel will make every effort to meet your specific needs.

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