Apr 11


by Jess

I want to extend a challenge to make volunteering and involvement in your community a priority. Honestly, it feels much better to give than to receive. Choosing a cause close to the heart will help you get started and help fuel passion and commitment. Here are a few ideas to consider.

1) Show support by signing up to walk or run for a cause such as Diabetes, MS, Lupus, or Cancer, just to name a few.  Not only will the money raised help fund research, your presence shows how much you care and that those who struggle with illness have not and will not be forgotten. 

2) Donate blood through the American Red Cross or your local blood bank.  Statistics show only 3 out of every 100 Americans donate blood. Some people can’t handle the idea of actually giving blood, but can volunteer in other areas.  Host a blood drive or help serve refreshments to donors. No needle sticks required! 

3) Often, people wait for “someone else” to organize a charitable or community event.  Be the “someone else!”  One good place to start is in a local nursing home.  Take a class of children to sing to the residents or have friends and family take tea and cookies for a Mother’s Day Celebration. These simple ideas can be inexpensive and will make a world of difference to someone who needs a little extra love and attention.

These are just a few ideas to get you started! You can be part of solving our world’s problems simply by getting involved!  Start today: volunteer at a soup kitchen; run a 5-K to raise money for a cure; or, find an elderly individual who needs a helping hand.  Help society get ahead by putting others first!

Just J & B:


Bob is a managed care coordinator who in 1984 started as a compliance analyst for credit and mortgage insurance. Later he shifted to major medical. This staff member has spent countless hours reviewing claims, medical policy and has a lot to say about both.


Jess is a nurse case manager dedicated to patient advocacy after receiving her RN license in 1998. This long time staff member provides her unique perspective based on thousands of conversations held with patients and providers.



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