Apr 11


by Jess
I want to extend a challenge to make volunteering and involvement in your community a priority. Honestly, it feels much better to give than to receive. Choosing a cause close to the heart will help you get started and help fuel passion and commitment. Here are a few ideas to consider.
Mar 29

Allergies and Asthma

by Jess
If your infant has frequent spit-ups and difficulty sleeping don’t just chock it up to “being normal” like I did. It wasn’t until a friend asked “Could she be allergic to milk?” that I began to piece together the signs and symptoms.
Jan 14

Cutting Edge Medicine

by Jess
Wars rage, a budget crisis looms, the health care system is in limbo, and a record number of people are unemployed. Everyone has a right to be depressed being caught up in the gloom and doom of daily news reports. I would like to take a minute to look away from all that is perceived to be wrong in our world and focus on some positive aspects. There are still plenty of amazing and brilliant people who are making awesome discoveries and advancing our way of life, especially in the field biotechnology.
Jan 03

Thru the Roof Chemotherapy Charges!

by Bob
I’ve noticed that most Occupy Wall Street protesters lack a specific aim on what they are trying to accomplish. For instance, 300 demonstrators of Occupy Wall Street joined health care advocates during a march to the former St. Vincent’s Hospital to protest the lack of universal health care. The marchers chanted “We need a hospital!” and, “They say cut back, We say fight back!”
Just J & B:


Bob is a managed care coordinator who in 1984 started as a compliance analyst for credit and mortgage insurance. Later he shifted to major medical. This staff member has spent countless hours reviewing claims, medical policy and has a lot to say about both.


Jess is a nurse case manager dedicated to patient advocacy after receiving her RN license in 1998. This long time staff member provides her unique perspective based on thousands of conversations held with patients and providers.



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