May 04

Just Jess

by Jess

Sentinel has been providing utilization review and case management services to various employer groups since 1988. My name is Jess and I am Sentinel’s case management supervisor. I was extremely excited when asked to develop a monthly news bulletin. Initially, I would like to provide a little background of who I am and my role at Sentinel.

At Sentinel, it is my responsibility and privilege to assist members in effectively coordinating their medical care as well as help navigate a confusing healthcare system. Over the past twelve years I have gained experience in many different aspects of nursing after obtaining my BSN degree and RN license in 1998. I have had hands on training in the health care system by caring for patients in the hospital and in the home (both as a private duty and home health nurse). I have added to my experience in a supervisory role at a long term care facility and home health agency. Having worked in different disciplines enables me to empathize and communicate with patients who have a wide range of diagnoses. It is also useful in understanding the mindset and working environment of various healthcare providers.

I am a nurse, wife, mother, daughter and sister. I have also been a patient and understand that when someone is confronted with medical issues, it not only affects them, but their entire support system (family, friends, and workplace associates). Providing additional support and resources to a member and those involved in their care is a primary focus for all of the employees at Sentinel. We realize that each person deserves honest answers. Sentinel strives to provide each member with compassionate and personalized service. It is also our intent to ensure that the treatments and services being provided are cost effective and medically appropriate.

I hope this gives you a better idea of who I am and what I accomplish in my role at Sentinel. In recurring news articles I will address some of the questions that I receive from both members and providers. Important wellness topics will also be featured. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and the important services provided by Sentinel.

Just J & B:


Bob is a managed care coordinator who in 1984 started as a compliance analyst for credit and mortgage insurance. Later he shifted to major medical. This staff member has spent countless hours reviewing claims, medical policy and has a lot to say about both.


Jess is a nurse case manager dedicated to patient advocacy after receiving her RN license in 1998. This long time staff member provides her unique perspective based on thousands of conversations held with patients and providers.



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