About Us

Since 1988, Sentinel has provided managed care services to insurers, employers, third party administrators and preferred provider organizations (PPOs).

At Sentinel, we believe our clients' needs drive our business. We're at our best when we work with our clients to evaluate their needs and design customized programs that control costs where it's needed most. We know the healthcare system and how it works. Our team of professionals works in cooperation with healthcare providers to ensure quality care and maximum value for patients and clients.

Specialized Experience

Sentinel’s unique team of highly trained, competent professionals have years of experience, ensuring that the optimum balance between appropriate patient care and cost-savings is achieved.

Our review staff, many with caregiver backgrounds, acts as true patient advocates. The well-being and positive medical outcomes for patients is a goal Sentinel shares with healthcare providers.

Optimized Workflow

What distinguishes Sentinel from other managed care organizations is not only our focus on the patient and the level of care received, but also how our overall utilization management process operates. By allowing our workflow to progress from one staff member to another, rather than one reviewer handling cases from beginning to end, Sentinel employees are able to excel in the particular function to which they are best suited, based on their experience and training. From a patient's initial contact to the final follow-up call, each Sentinel staff member is involved, providing his or her own expertise to each step of the process.

Open Communication

For decades, Sentinel has worked on a partnership approach between providers and our review staff, enabling communication to evolve between our staff and patients, families, employers, and administrators. By maintaining open lines of communication with all parties involved in a medical episode, we are often able to identify under-utilization and inadequate medical treatment as well as over-utilization and excessive medical care. Sentinel's goal is to provide complete assurance that our clients and patients are receiving maximum value and appropriate care for their healthcare dollars.

In the end, what really matters is that the patient receives the most appropriate care at the most reasonable cost. This can only be accomplished through professional healthcare management like Sentinel. Let us help you lower your healthcare costs today.

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